VAT Returns Service for SMEs

You don’t have to be a VAT specialist to use the VIVAT Returns Service. It’s designed to be extremely simple to use, so provided your sales and purchase data can be exported from your bookkeeping system in Excel, then you can take advantage of this highly advanced web-based service that is used by VAT professionals.

Safety and compliance checks are applied to your data before VIVAT prepares a VAT Return. You can then submit your return to the relevant tax office portal using your own login or send it to your tax adviser for submission via their portal.


After a simple set up procedure, you can import Excel data from any accounting system you use


The underlying software is aligned to ever-changing European VAT legislation whilst automated compliance checks validate your data


Detailed reports are available to give you complete control of the returns you prepare. You can upload data and have access to the service wherever you are based globally


There is no set contract period and therefore no long-term liability

Low Cost

There are no set-up costs and a choice of low cost payment options