VAT Reclaims Service


The new Reclaims service is planned for release soon.  If you would like to register for a free trial with no obligation, or simply get more information, please Contact Us.

Key Features

The key features of the VIVAT Reclaims Web Service are:

  • The input of invoice data either directly or from excel or CSV file through a dedicated portal
  • Check data to ensure compliance with each country’s legislation
  • Process data to produce cross-border VAT claims
  • Enable easy operational claim and client management
  • Provide client and management reporting

Claim Submission

Once the claim is ready, it can be exported with all the required information ready for submission. The service provides a standalone application that handles the majority of conversions to alternative file/structural formats such as XML or CSV, or printed as a formatted document (as in the case of 13th directive).

Multiple Users

The service can be operated at any level – single company or group with multiple subsidiaries, multiple users for each company, and enables information to be aggregated for combined reporting.

Query Management

A Query system, linked to each claim, deals with both pre and post submission queries and allows both the tracking and completion of a query.


The service provides progress reports on each claim as well as the status of each claim with each Tax Authority. Status reports can be summarised in numerous ways e.g.:

  • claims by Client by year;
  • claims by Group by year;
  • summaries by Group by Client;

and can be in most currencies. An easy to use drill down facility allows detailed analysis and provides clear audit trails with direct links to scanned invoices if required.

Individual clients or authorised subsidiaries can have a dedicated portal that allows them to log in via their web browser in order to view and/or receive reports on their claims.